Rainbow Fish–2nd Grade


2nd grade art 2011



Class periods:  Three 1/2 hr. class periods

Vocabulary:  rainbow, color wheel, patterns, texture


  • The order of colors in a rainbow and on the color wheel. (this is a review concept)
  • Simple fish anatomy.
  • Lines create pattern and texture.
  • Texture may be created by tearing paper.

Source of Project:  I adapted this from a project I saw online a few years ago.  If this is your original project, please let me know so that I can give you credit!

Materials:  9×12 white paper (may have oval template tospeed up process), Sharpies or black crayon, watercolor or tempera paints, brushes, pencil, scissors, 9×12 lt. blue construction paper, scrap paper box, glue


  • Discuss the rainbow and color wheel.  Show a Power Point for visuals. 
  • Draw and decorate fish with black Sharpie.  Pay attention to patterns on tail, fins, etc.  Don’t forget gills, eyes, mouth.
  • Using pencil draw 5 vertical lines through fish to divide the fish into 6 sections.  Do not include tails or fins.  These may be curved, diagonal, zigzag. 
  • Starting at snout or rear, paint each of the six sections one at a time, creating a rainbow fish.  Remind students that wet paints will run together.  Do not paint fins, tail, etc. 
  • On construction paper create a textured home for the fish.  No cutting, only tearing of paper.  When done, cut out fish and glue to background.

I use simple rubric:  Rainbow colors in order? Neatly cut and glued? etc.

I put these up in the hall on a yellow bulletin board, and they are stunning!  The kids are very proud of themselves.




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  1. on March 13, 2012 at 2:48 pmEileen Said:

    I work in a school as an OT. Would like to use the pattern for the fish? Is it possible to get that and print out the fish pattern?

    Thank you,


  2. on March 13, 2012 at 2:50 pmEileen Said:


    Can i get the pattern for the fish? I’m an OT in a school and love this project but would really love to get the pattern. Is that possible?

    Thank you,


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